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DEPTS TELL US that all forms
have their own rate of vibration; that
each man or woman born into this
physical universe has his or her own
dominant and characteristic keynote,
sound, and colour, this making up, together with
the other vibratory notes, the chord, or mass vibra-
tion of the aura.
This aura, or individual atmosphere, is made up
of life atoms in which many varieties and types of
vibration are latent. In every person one particular
rate of vibration is dominant, one class of these life
atoms more immediately operative than others. In
order to know these various rates of vibration in
one’s aura, and therefore the chord to which the
individual is keyed, one must have raised the con-
sciousness from the personal self to that of the
Divine Self within.
Dr. Anna Kingsford speaks of vibration as being
centripetal and centrifugal; that is, moving towards
the centre and moving from the centre ; vibrations
tending inward, and vibrations tending outward,
one being negative the other positive. Now the
balance between these two vibrations, the mean
between the positive and negative, may be called
the keynote of an individual, or what astrologers
term the “Polarity.”
Each individual is emitting a certain sound, and
it is said that the great Alchemist or Master of
Wisdom never makes a mistake when he hears the
sound—life-sound—of any person or thing, for its
dominant note gives him the key, so that he knows
just where that soul stands in its evolutionary
progress, by the rate of its vibrations.
These vibrations manifest themselves on the
physical plane, in the case of men and women, in
the pitch of the voice, which is an index to the life
tone of persons generally, character being expressed
in a remarkable way through the voice. For instance,
a person born under the influence of Jupiter will
have the Jupiterian voice, which is deep and pow-
erful, yet harmonious; a Martial voice is sharp, and
if combined with Mercury shrill and metallic,
while the Venusian note is pleasing, gentle, and
soft; and so on, with the other planetary influences.
Few, except students of human nature, realize
how powerfully character declares itself by sound.
Much has been written about the Music of the
Spheres, but very few, except Initiates in the great
Temple of Wisdom, know today the numerical
ratio of each planet’s vibration. Indeed, exact pre-
dictions respecting the coming destiny of any
nativity can be absolutely and accurately given
only when the dominant chord of the individual is
known, together with the rate of vibration at which
he is living, some people being able to exhaust bad
influences and cross vibrations much more rapidly
than others.
This, of course, would depend to a large extent
on the age and experience of the soul working
within its self-made limitations, and would be
especially the case with those whose minds are
turned towards the higher life and the occult laws
of nature, who seek to co-operate with her, to dom-
inate their lower nature, and thus realize their
ideals. As they use their will in co-operation with
the stellar forces by aspiration and individual
effort, the higher notes of the scale of each plane-
tary rate of vibration would come into play, and
progress advances by leaps and bounds.
For instance, the vibrations from Venus are finer
and more rapid than those from Mars. These rapid
Planetary Vibrations & Fate and Free Will

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vibrations neutralize and extinguish the slower and
coarser ones. As we think and live purely, we
throw out the coarser matter of impurity; in loving
we throw out the coarser matter that can respond to
the vibration known as hate; and so on, constantly
replacing the grosser by the finer, ever travelling
towards the centre of our being, the true Self with-
in. Let us suppose in the case of a person born
under the dominant influence of the planet Venus,
that this planet’s vibrations were nullified in their
action by the slower vibrations of Saturn—call it
“afflicted” by Saturn, if you will—then, until self-
ishness has been dominated, the rate of progress
would not be rapid, and much suffering would be
experienced until the soul has learned truth by
experience. The truth would then set it free, for it
would have realized through sorrow that separate-
ness and self-seeking do not bring happiness and
joy. It would then liberate the vibrations of Venus
from Saturn, and evolution could go on unhin-
dered. Persons born with a Venus free from afflic-
tion by either Mars or Saturn are lovers of
mankind, unselfish souls, compassionate and ten-
der, and the love of the Solar Logos conveyed
through the vibrations of Venus would thus be able
to flow through the instrument (or personal self)
without obstruction.
Again, if Mercury, the ruler of the mind, vibrates
in unison with Jupiter, Venus, or the Sun, then the
manifestations of the Self as Knower will be able
to use the lower vehicle to express truth, the mind
being lofty, generous and noble, able to study the
heart and essence of life, to be profoundly medita-
tive, contemplative, and wise. But if the Mercurial
vibrations are afflicted by either Mars or Saturn,
then Mercury, the mental ruler and the messenger
of the Gods, will be unable to give his message, his
wings being smirched and weighted by the dross of
earth, he will become a captive fettered by the
bonds of self and sense, and the mental images
generated will be of the earth, earthy; for the win-
dows of the mind being darkened, and the messen-
ger of the Gods held captive, the solar “light which
lighteth every man that cometh into the world” will
be unable to make itself seen.
The practical occultist, with his trained clairvoy-
ant power, tells us that the finer and lighter the
colors in the aura, the more pure and perfect is the
condition of the soul. Each life atom in the aura is
produced by a definite rate of vibration; the darker
the color, the slower the rate of vibration; the
lighter the color, the quicker the vibration. In the
case of Love, or Venus, for instance, the higher
octave may be said to have been reached, and the
whole gamut of the lower (or Mars) has been tran-
scended, when the blood-red color which comes
from passion, lust, or anger (Mars) is all transmut-
ed and replaced by the fair, rose hue, beautiful as
the first faint flush in the Eastern sky which her-
alds the approach of dawn. The mind may be said
to be detached from earthly objects and selfish-
ness, ambition, etc., when the orange hue associat-
ed with Mercury is changed into a beautiful lumi-
nous yellow as the mind takes on more unselfish
People do not understand how character is des-
tiny, for they do not realize that all the colors in the
aura are produced by certain rates of vibration, and
that as the color changes the vibration changes,
and as the character changes the destiny changes,
so that old shackles fall off, old environments drop
away, just as the coarser parts of the aura drop
away when the higher and finer vibrations shake
them out.
As the lessons of life are learned, and the soul
grows wise by experience transmuted into wis-
dom, he chooses to some extent definitely how he
will vibrate, for he has developed to some extent
self-consciousness, and thus is enabled to hold to
any given thought and its consequent vibration for
a great length of time; he is realizing the sphere of
his own self-hood, and is slowly becoming the cre-
ator of his own destiny, by exerting within his past
limitations his present freedom of choice, drawing
closer and closer to his true centre, his Higher Self,
the Logos of the Soul.
Astrology, esoterically considered, shows the
existence of minor cycles in each life span,
answering as it were to the larger life cycle of the
individual, a new cycle occurring with a change in
the rate of vibrations at certain epochs in the life;
changes also occurring as the Moon progresses
through the zodiacal signs, bringing opportunity
into the life; while, as the Sun alters its scope of

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influence, individual and out-of-sight changes take
place in the consciousness of the individual, and
the positions of the planets as they move show to
some extent the scope of activity that lies before
the native. Thus we shall begin to see that latent
capacities lying dormant in the aura of the individ-
ual are ripened and brought to fruition on respond-
ing to the touch of the changed vibratory action
due to planetary progression.
Thus karma becomes expended, and the fetters
of the soul become unfastened, setting the captive
free; the knower is able to manifest, for knowledge
is power, and a knowledge of the truth sets us free.
Madame Blavatsky has said that the key of
Astrology needs to be seven times turned. Few
astrologers today can give the key its first turn, yet
the history of the world is written in the zodiac,
and so also is the progress of the soul towards per-
—Bessie Leo
Fate and Free Will
here does fate end and free will begin?
To solve this problem, we must, I
think, first consider what we mean by
Will. Will has its positive and its negative poles; its
negative pole we call Desire. Desire is the outgoing
energy of The Thinker, determined in its course by
the attraction of external objects. Will is the restrain-
ing, creative, or determining power that is directed
in action by The Thinker himself, without reference
to the attractiveness or otherwise of the object pur-
sued or the action performed. Thus we see that
Desire is guided from without; Will from within—
and Will alone can restrain both thought and desire.
At the beginning of man’s evolution Desire has
complete sway, and hurries him hither and thither.
In the middle of his evolution, Desire and Will are
fighting for the mastery, one sometimes gaining
the ascendancy over the other. At the end of his
evolution Desire has died, experience of all forms
of matter having been gained. Will (which is, after
all, the reflection in us of the Divine Will, and thus
must necessarily be free) rules supreme, with
unopposed, unchallenged sway; the free will,
which is in other words a spiritual force, has
entirely overcome and dominated all material con-
ditions. So fate ends at the close of man’s evolu-
tion. Because then he is bound by nothing from
without, nothing from without has any power to
attract him, Will has freed itself from Desire.
This result is gradually accomplished as follows.
Until the Thinker or human soul is developed suf-
ficiently to see directly by his spiritual sight, Will
in him is led by reason. Now, in the youth of the
Soul reason can only draw its conclusions from its
stock of accumulated knowledge or experience,
and as that experience is limited, the Will constant-
ly commands mistaken actions. The pain which
then comes from these mistaken actions gives the
reason a larger store of material from which to
draw its conclusions, enlarging at once the experi-
ence and the breadth of view. Thus progress is
steadily made, and in time Wisdom is born.
In considering the question of Fate, we must
bear in mind that each man makes his own Fate,
being left free to choose his own actions.
But every action brings about an inevitable
result. Let each man desire and grasp whatever he
will; he is free to desire and to achieve. But he
must pay the cost of his purchase, be it found sat-
isfactory or otherwise. At last, through experience,
Wisdom, the fruit of knowledge and the reward of
striving, is gradually acquired and so puts an end
to the conflict while yet preserving the freedom of
the Will. He chooses to work and think in harmony
with the law of God’s universe. He tries, in his
small measure, to carry out the Divine Will, not
using the germinal will within him, which is God’s,
just to gain something for the mere separated self.
But this conception of life, which necessarily
puts an end to sin and pain, can only come in its
entirety when the soul is merging into the Divine.
And then all Fate, caused by the spirit aiming at
the satisfaction of itself in matter, is at an end, the
highest and best being chosen by a self-initiated
volition, the true free will, which, knowing good and
evil, deliberately chooses “ the better part,” for the
love of all mankind: For Wisdom has been evolved,
as a result of the long conflict of Will and Desire;
and Wisdom understands the whole, is no more
limited to the part, as is mere Knowledge.
—Bessie Leo